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November 7, 2020

Seminar on Palm-Leaf Manuscripts and Advanced Technology

The Digital Humanities Center (DHC) hosted a seminar dedicated to the utilization of cutting-edge technology for the development of a palm-leaf manuscript database. The seminar encompassed 3 informative presentations:

  • "Index Database of Manuscripts" by Associate Professor Dr. Jeerayut Chaijaruwanich and Dr. Papangkorn Inkeaw from the Faculty of Science at Chiang Mai University.
  • "Geographic Information System for Northeast Palm-Leaf Manuscripts" presented by Mr. Jatuphum Juanchaiyaphum from the Faculty of Informatics at Mahasarakham University.
  • "Technology for Dhamma Transmission in the Digital World" delivered by Dr. Sumachaya Harnsukworapanich.


November 8, 2020

The 2nd MPSC Board Meeting

The second annual board meeting was held to update committee members on the advancements made in manuscript surveys and digitization efforts carried out by DTP and other collaborating organizations over the course of the year. Additionally, Ven. Nantawat Dhammanando and Ven. Tanatorn Dhammaviriyo, representing DTP, shared their research findings on local manuscripts preserved at Wat Mahathat in Yasothorn and those in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.


November 21, 2020

The 3rd Seminar on Pāli Texts and Manuscripts (Online)

In response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, TRC hosted an online seminar on Pāli Texts and Manuscripts through Zoom. Scholars and commentators from various countries participated, presenting their research and sharing insights. This year's presentations focused on variant readings discovered in the Majjhimanikāya.